Photo documentary : Holy Two, Clea Vincent & The Blind Suns in Korea

Here is a selection of pictures taken from the 5 days concert tour photo documentary I did in October for the Seoul French Institute.

Bands :  @holytwo / @TheBlindsuns / @cleavincent


Day 1 : 05/10/2018

French Night for the Zandari Festival / Seoul SK

Day 2 : 06/10/2018

Showcases for the Zandari Fest / Seoul SK

Day 3 : 07/10/2018

Showcases for the Pohang Fest / Pohang SK

Day 4 : 08/10/2018

Busan,  SK

Day 5 : 09/10/2018

Seoul,  SK

Big thanks to the bands & the technical teams for letting me be a part of this, I had so much fun following you in this tour !

Thanks to Patrick & Doyeon for everything !

Huge thanks to the french Institute for this great opportunity, especially Guillaume & Leonor.



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Holy two

The Blind Suns

Cléa Vincent


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