My dear body


When you think about it, you can't live without a body. With a body you can have thoughts, have sex, create, interact with people. You can fall in love, share, have kids, or not. With a body you can make choices. You can change, change your gender, change the way you look, the way you show yourself to the world. You can make a statement, or not. You can do anything. What a fabulous tool, isn't it ? 


A body is a testimony. A map that shows who you are, who you're pretending to be, sometimes who you were. It's history.

Sometimes there is a problem with it, sometimes it can appear different (but from what?).

And sometimes we hate it.


The more I travelled, the more I realized that in every country, people, women but also men, had issues with their bodies.

But when we came to say how useful and great it was to have it, they all agreed. 


When I went to Iceland with my mom in 2015, something happened. We went to a public swimming pool, and we had to wash completely naked, in front of all the other ladies here. There were kids, teenagers, young women, older ones, and even one pregnant lady. At first I was very embarrassed, but then I felt better, because in fact, no one cared about me being naked, as everybody was also naked. Later, I had a discussion with my mom about it, and she told me that for her it was really reassuring to see all these bodies. She thought that this nudity was really healthy.


We are so used to bodies being sexualized that sometimes we even forget about the beauty of it, and of it's owner.

We are so used to photoshopped bodies that we forget about diversity.


I decided to create this safe space to share how some humans feel about themselves, about being in a body.

I want to show you this through the pictures I've taken of kind people who accepted to pose for me, for you, and to answer to some questions.


I'm not here to teach lessons, or to say that everybody has to accept at 100% their bodies.

I respect people who can do that, but I also respect the ones who still have insecurities. 

The only thing I want to say, and what I hope to promote with this project is :


Be kind to yourself.


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M y   d e a r   b o d y   s t o r i es