I've always been behind a camera, as long as I can remember. 


I wish my eyes could take pictures, but they can't so I try to use photography to share the beauty of the world. The beauty of a city, its lights, its buildings and complexity. The beauty of the wonders of the world, of the wildest landscapes. The beauty of clothes, from the tiniest details to the whole outfit worn and coming to life. And also, maybe the most meaningful : the beauty of people. The beauty of the love they have for each other, the beauty of their style, of their looks, the beauty of their skin, of their differences, of their insecurities also. The beauty of their stories, their fights, their secrets.


Beauty can sound like a very naive word, concept. But what's the point without it ? 

I aim not just to capture this beauty, but mostly to SHARE it, as much as I can. And I hope you'll like it.



Oh and my name is Manon Thore (yep, just like the god of thunder), but you can call me Meryl.


See you soon.





For any inquiry or collaboration : meryl.contact@gmail.com