Condra is a wonder, not actually sure where she is going or what she is doing. But along the way, she meets wonderful, supportive people who are here for her. Timid, and juvenile, she cultivates flamboyant 70's outfits. Her beloved cat named Sheba died in an unseen incident. He was her only partner in crime ! Therefore, she skinned it and created a bag with her face on it as a constant reminder of her unconditional love and devotion. She is highly intelligent, masters the art of languages and social interaction. She can also read minds and teleport to different parts of the world. She keeps this gift a secret away from disruptive hands. As a result of her unique personnality, people seem attracted to her mysterious mind.


Photographer and Art Director : Manon Thore @nothorma

Story & Model : Brigitte @wearbriggittegoes