Minnie has grown up in a loving family and it built her character: she can be a bit naive and really pure.


She uses to live a simple life, but she realized how our world can be so tough to most of people.

In fact, she made all the problems of our world as her fight.

She helps people whenever she can, she is like the nice person everybody has in their surronding.


In the future, where she lives, there are the same problems as our reality.

Climate change, wars, inequality, pauvrety, greed... Minnie has quite a misunderstanding about those things.


When she face bad people, she is extremely confused, because she doesn't understand how they can be like that.

How can people do bad things to other people or to our earth.

She does not have a specific fight, but she usually fights against the bad people.

But she never wanted to be bad, nor a vicious person, and that makes her someone really special: she never killed or badly hit the people she fights.

She put them in jail, and makes the justice do its job (in her reality, justice has a bit evolved and it is a bit fairer than ours).


She travels around the world, especially to help people who live the inequalities.

She went to the countries devastated by wars to help and protect people from the atrocities.

She heals them, help  them to escape their countries...


Minnie fights in the shadow, and is not known by the media.

By helping people and having them grateful is fully sufficient to her.

She thinks human nature is not bad, but people becomes bad, and there are not a lot of good people in this world

because they all grew up in a bad environment. She wants to change that, be positive to everybody and teach them kindness.


Despite her positivy and her warm heart, she feels really sad and outraged by the absurd word that surrounds her,

but that is what makes her continue to fight.


Photographer and Art Director : Manon Thore @nothorma


Story & Model : Lou Roche @Louminhee

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