"I come from a land hidden from everyone in Mexico.

Where the sun illuminates the sky with a soft warm light and the stars show up by trillions.

Here the people have a pure heart, we are taught since babies about the power of love. Only a few of our healers leave my home.

They used their magic to help people outside of our haven. I also felt this calling, I look at my beautiful home surrounded by waterfalls and flowers.

Surrounded by the magical creatures that live in harmony here. I said goodbye to the people I love. I felt a calling to share my light. 

My people know the secrets of the universe, we hold the power to do magic. I wish to share our knowledge.

Our tattoos help us use the power from our inner light to create magic.


I am child of the sun. I am light and love."



Photographer and Art Director : Manon Thore @nothorma


Story & Model : Sol @howsolglows


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