The beauty Mask

The beauty mask


I’m always questioning the definition of beauty, the one that comes with birth, the one that is fabricated, the one that depends on the culture, the time, the age, the gender, the country.. Living in Korea definitely had a massive impact on my vision and thoughts. Being there, I realized how much the search of beauty can take various forms.


Do you think about how much we change and shape our faces with products, surgery, make up ?

How much it defines who we are, who we are showing to the world ? Sometimes I wonder how we would all look 100% “natural”.


Anyway, when my friend Jong Hyun came to visit me in Provence,

she took out and put on this massive mask/helmet one morning and I asked her to pose so I can capture this beauty moment.



Jong Hyun, Provence, August 2020

All images  © Manon Thore - Nothorma